Lipazzaner Schleich horses, l-r mare, foal

Lipizzaner (Equus ferus)Edit

From black to white, Lipizzaner horses are found throughout the spectrum.

Lipizzaner Fun Facts

The progenitors of the Lipizzaner breed are recorded as early as A. D. 800.Edit

  • Conservation Status: Domesticated (DO)
  • Global Home: Worldwide   

During the reign of the Hapsburgs, the nobility and the military in Europe were interested in a strong but flexible breed of horses to suit their purposes. In the late sixteenth century, Archduke Charles II founded a farm at Lipizza where horses were bred very selectively to become the breed we know and love today. The Spanish Riding School, located in Vienna, Austria, has showcased Lipizzaners in performances of classical dressage movements and training since the interest in these horses began.