schleich hanoverians, l-r male, foal, mare

Hanoverian horses are the best-known warmbloods (partbred Arabians or Thoroughbreds).Edit

  • Conservation Status: Domesticated (DO)
  • Global Home: Worldwide

Hanoverian (Equus ferus)Edit

Sleek in shades of brown, Hanoverian horses have the crowd's attention.

  Since 1735 in Germany, Hanoverian horses have been successfully bred and developed to the highest standards. King George II of England started breeding horses for work in agriculture and with carriages. As Hanoverians came into their element, other traits were desired. After World War II, sport horses were in vogue. At each bend in the path, records have been kept and incentives given to continue breeding the best. Bred to be trained, this breed is a showstopper with its athleticism and strength.

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