Camargue horses (Equus ferus)Edit

In muted tones of gray, Camargue horses speak out.

Camargue horses

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Schleich Camargue horses, L-R male, foal, mare

At birth, a foal's legs measure very close to the full adult length.Edit

  • Conservation Status: Domesticated (DO)
  • Global Home: Worldwide   

Named for its place of origin, Camargue horses inhabited a region in the south of France. Living in the wetlands, these horses developed their most valuable traits: resilience, robustness, and dexterity. Bred with several other breeds throughout their genealogical history, this breed is known for its competition in dressage, long distance, and equestrian games. With black skin and white hair, Camargue horses appear gray in color as adults. Small in stature, this breed is thirteen to fourteen hands high on average. Strong for their size, Camargues can carry adult men.